Ruck Racing 1992 ITA Integra FOR SALE

Ruck Racing 1992 ITA Integra
Two time ARRC champion and holder of 4 track records.
2008 Poster This car was built by Ruck Racing in the winter & spring of 2004. It has competed in 104 races, with 50 wins and 87 podium finishes, and currently owns the ITA track record at Mid-Ohio (pro course), Road America, Putnum Park, and IRP. It competed in every ARRC ITA race from 2004 to 2009, and again in 2011, during the height of ITA racing, against the deepest and most talented fields the class ever experienced. During that time, it won twice (2008 & 2009), and finished on the podium three other times (3rd 2005, 2nd 2006, & 2nd 2011), against the likes of J. Moser, R. Moser, Price, Nealey, Muresan, Stretch, etc. It is one of only three ITA cars to ever get into the 1:41's at Road Atlanta (J. Moser & Price), and one of only three to ever get into the 1:42's at Mid-Ohio (J. Moser & R. Moser). It is certainly one of the fastest ITA cars in the country, and without a doubt the fastest ITA Integra. It is 100% legal, fully developed, fast, consistent, reliable, easy and comfortable to drive, and easy to work on and maintain. It really needs nothing but a new driver.
There are certainly other ITA cars available for a lower cost, including other Integra's, but none of them are as proven and developed as this car, and as completely ready for a new driver to get in and just have to concentrate on his driving. The development of this car took a great amount of time and resources, but was the basis for everything Ruck Racing has ever been able to learn and accomplish. It will be greatly missed, as it is "an old pair of sneakers" for Kevin, but it unfortunately just hasn't been used much in the past couple of years, since our focus switched to our FP Integra. It's not right for this car to be sitting, so it's time for a new owner to campaign it, and return it to its rightful place of winning a lot more races. It comes with clean SCCA & NASA log books, and a transponder. It literally needs nothing to go racing right now.

In addition, this car will accommodate any size driver. We have to add weight with a 6ft-2in 275+ pound driver. If you weigh less than that you can add lead weights where they will make the car balance even better. If you are larger than that it will still handle you.
Victory Lap
SAFETY - listed first because it is our first priority.

- ROLL CAGE, the cage in this car is much stronger than is required by SCCA. It is custum built using 1.75inch DOM cro-moly. It has several sections that are not required by SCCA including a hidden in-dash bar and NASCAR bars on the drivers side door. It also has gusseting throughout to greatly improve strength of the overall cage.

- FIRE SYSTEM, The fire system is a Halon fire suppression system. It includes one nozzle by the driver, one by the driver's feet, and one in the engine bay.

- ELECTRICAL KILL SWITCH, The kill switch was mounted within reach of a strapped-in driver, as well as within easy access of emergency/corner workers.

- PERSONAL SAFETY, We use only Ultrashield aluminum seats and 6-point TeamTech belts and nets in our cars. More expensive but well worth it. The steering wheel is a dished and suede covered MOMO wheel, with the OEM steering lock disabled.
Sports Car Cover


- HONDATA, the stock Honda ECU has been outfitted with a Hondata S300. This is the full blown unit which allows you to connect your laptop to the ECU for monitoring and fine tuning of engine parameters. This car has been professionally tuned on a dynamometer for maximum horsepower and torque. The car will come with numerous dyno graphs that you can use to compare your current engine health.

- COMPRESSION RATIO, this is probably the most overlooked and the most important parameter on a race engine. It is very complex and requires a detailed knowledge of engineering principals, calculations and measurements. The compression ratio has been built to the limit of IT rules, and verified via precise hands-on measurements, as well as Whistler readings by SCCA technical inspectors.

- .040inch OVERBORE, IT rules allow you to overbore the cylinders by .040 inch. Of course after boring out the block, you then have to get new pistons & rings and re-engineer the compression ratio of the engine. Its a lot of work and cost for a small benefit but its the numerous small things that make you better than the competition.

- EXHAUST HEADER, The car has the best exhaust header available, the HyTech header made of high strength stainless steel with anti-reversion chambers and a Burns merge collector. This is not a HyTech knock off like many cars have, but a real Hytech header. The horsepower it makes is great, but the torque it makes throughout the entire rpm range is awesome. Torque is what allows you to accelerate out of corners when you are not necessarily at peak rpm. Once again very expensive but well worth it. We run the same header on our Runoffs Champion FP Integra.

- HASPORT MOTOR MOUNTS, Hasport billet aluminum motor mounts, with U70A "Race" urethane. Strong & lightweight, for precise control of the drivetrain under high-stress loads, but still compliant enough to not accelerate damage of drive-line components.

- RADIATOR, To assure the engine always has more than enough cooling capacity we have installed a full sized Mishimoto aluminum radiator with a flushmount electric lightweight cooling fan. It has an OEM fan switch and thermostat control temp with OEM-like automatic operation, but a driver accessible on-off switch & light is also present for manual over-riding operation when desired.

- OIL COOLER, this car has a large capacity Setrab oil cooler installed to keep the oil cool under severe racing conditions. Low viscosity synthetic oil does a great job of lubrication and does not steal horsepower, but does not carry away as much heat from the engine as higher viscosity oil. The addition of a properly designed oil cooler will make your engine last much longer. Of course all fittings are -AN with stainless steel braided hose.

- OIL PAN and BAFFLES, rather than installing a Accusump we opted for an aluminum high capacity oil pan with internal baffles and a crank shaft oil scraper. This does a better job of protecting the engine at a lighter weight, and does not rob horsepower.

MISCELLANEOUS, There are numerous other improvements such as a multi-angle valve job, Hondata heat insulating intake manifold gasket, balanced and blue printed fuel injectors, ARP rod bolts, and balanced and blueprinted rotating assemblies, etc. Only six events have been run on this engine since freshening which can be verified with great leakdown and compression numbers. We only use Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil in our engines.
Kevin at Mid Ohio

- OEM TRANSMISSION, This is the 1992-1993 stock Honda transmission with the more desirable gears and bearing sizes. With just normal care it will run a great many races very reliably. We use only Red Line oils in our transmissions.

- 4.7 CUSTOM FINAL DRIVE, The final drive in the transmission is very important to keep the engine RPMs in the power band as much as possible. We have experimented with different final drives and found this to be the optimal ratio for the greatest variety of tracks.

- OPM/ECKERICH LSD, This limited slip differential, a "plates & spring-pack combo" type works great, with good initial torque. It wont disengage while hopping curbs like a gear-type/Quaife will.

- HALF SHAFTS, Most front wheel drive cars have experienced problems with half shaft failures and we were no exception. This car helped developed Raxles' road-racing Integra shafts that so many road-racing Integra's now use. Failures use to happen with an unacceptable frequency, but after years of development for an optimal combination of suspension setup and half-shaft design, the issue has been virtually eliminated.
WOR games 2005

- SHOCKS, this car uses shortened, re-valved Koni yellow shocks that are rebound adjustable. These don't have many miles on them since they were last serviced, and they've been valved to work with the weight and spring rates of this car.

- SPRINGS, we have always used Eibach springs with Ground Control coilovers on this car. A great deal of time and money has been spent on finding the best combination of springs, roll bars, and shocks for this car, both front and rear.

- TOWER STABILIZERS, we have utilized stabilizers to the fullest extent of the IT rules to increase the body stiffness of this car. It's a small point but again it all adds up to winning races.

- REAR ROLL BARS, We use an A-Spec Racing (ASR) rear sway bar kit, utilizing a Speedway Engineering 32mm hollow, straight bar. It features spherical end links, brass bearing chassis attachments, and adjustable bar ends for dialing in different driving styles, tracks, weather, and tire conditions. Bars of different thicknesses can also be very easily swapped out for more drastic setup changes.

- SPHERICAL BEARINGS, every time we added spherical bearings to this car it got better - some just a little and others quite a bit. They are certainly not cheap or easy to install as most of them were custom made, but they are cheap and easy to maintain once they are installed properly. This car also has slotted rear upper control arm bushing mounts for rear camber adjustment.

BRAKES, are as important to winning races as a good engine. Through years of development we have found the best combination of Stainless Steel braided Teflon lined brake hoses, Cobalt brake pads, Brembo rotors, Tilton TSR-1 racing fluid, and caliper setup to optimize braking in this vehicle. We have also installed ARP extended wheel studs and a Tilton driver adjustable rear brake bias valve that effectively doubles your braking power during a wet race. The front calipers, brake booster, and master cylinder all have only five weekends on them. We routinely inspect hubs and bearings which are all in good condition.
ARRC podium

- GAUGES, Oil pressure, Oil Temperature, Water Temperature and Battery Voltage are essential information to keep your car running at peak performance and all are included in this car. They are electrical, lightweight gauges with back lighting. Also, the OEM gauges still operational, including speedometer, tachometer, fuel level, and coolant temp. All of the warning lights are also still operational.

- TRAQMATE, We have used Traqmate in this car since about 2006 and it still works great. Both the Sensor Unit and the Display Unit have been recently updated to the latest software & firmware versions, and are even compatible with overlaying onto GoPro videos now. Both the Sensor Unit and the Display Unit are mounted with Velcro for easy removal (for use in another car), and the car is wired for additional data logging like rpm, oil pressure water temp, etc. You will not only have instant feedback on how you are doing on the track, but you will have hundreds of hours of data at most of the Midwest tracks to compare your cornering speeds, braking points, and straight line performance. This is probably the most valuable accessory to come with this car. You will easily know which corners you can improve in, or if there is a problem with the power output of the car when you compare your data with the historical data.

THE BODY, has a custom made front air-dam and splitter assembly, that is completely removable for getting on and off the trailer. The car will come with a spare brand-new splitter board, that is already cut out, drilled, and painted, as well as the necessary templates for quickly making your own if more are needed. The car weighs about 2280lbs without driver or weights. Its ITA legal weight is 2595lbs with driver, so it is "big boy friendly". It's a racecar, and has been a racecar for quite some time. It has some dents, scratches, and some body panels that don't align as perfectly as they once did, but there's no real remaining crash damage. It has been on its roof once, due to a light rollover in a Mid-Ohio gravel trap in '06. Due to that, the roof skin has a slight ripple to it. It took one shot to the front-end, in '06 at Grattan, making contact in the front left with another car that was spinning back across the track. The frame was not twisted or bent, and all of the damage was ahead of the shock towers. A new left frame-rail was sectioned in ahead of the shock tower, and a new radiator support was installed. All were OEM Honda parts. The rear sub-frame ripped out (typical on Integra's & Civic's) in '08, and it was replaced with a brand new one from Honda at that time. With the weld job it has now, it is not happening again.
Dick & Kev
SPARES, truthfully you don't need many spares when driving a Honda. People have been amazed at how few we take to the track with us. Of course it helps to do your maintenance in the shop rather than at the track so your car is ready to go. The spares we do take with us are:

- FRONT KNUCKLES, Both right and left sides complete with new bearings, hubs, ball joints, and long wheel studs. We always check the bearings before we leave the shop but sometimes they just decide to get loose in between sessions so we are always ready. And if you hit something the knuckle will probably takemost of the damage.

SPARE ENGINE, this engine really isn't a spare, its and extra. We don't take it with us to the track and haven't needed it in years, but we have it. It was built in the summer of '05, and ran through the '07 season. It is fully assembled, has never been disassembled from when it was built, and it could be dropped in and raced right now. It was removed and replaced with a completely new engine build we did prior to the '08 season, and not because there was anything wrong with it. It is a good, solid engine, but down maybe 7-9hp from the one in the car. With a few small changes/improvements, it could be brought up to the level of the current engine. How to do this will be shared with the new owner.

WHEELS-TIRES, The car will come with two sets of 15" Enkei RPF1 wheels which are lightweight, strong and good looking. One set will have a set of Hoosier H2O rain tires that have been used for qualifying in the rain a couple times. The other set of wheels will have used Hoosier R6 tires with enough rubber left for practice or qualifying. We will also include SIX brand new sticker Hoosier IT-legal DOT-tires consisting of two R6's and four of the new R7's. These tires & wheels would cost you over $4000 to go out and buy right now.

SPARE PANELS, doors, fenders, hoods, rear hatch, etc. I really don't know how much stuff we have but we have a lot. We also have two complete spare cars, one is an RS model (no sunroof, crank up windows) that is drivable and the other is just for parts. We can talk about how much of the spares you want.
Go ahead, take the wheel
F PRODUCTION CONVERSION, this car can legally be run in FP by just putting an "FP" sticker on the side of the car. Of course it will not be the fastest FP car out there but it will not be the slowest either. If you want to convert this car at some time to national racing we will be glad to show you how. You will be amazed at how little you will have to do to this car to make it competitive.

STL, You could easily convert this car to run in STL which is a National Class in SCCA. There are several other Integras running in that class but we have yet to see one that is set up properly.

NASA Honda Challenge, We ran maybe a dozen races in NASA H4 with this car a few years ago. It still has the NASA log book and can be run in that class today, as far as we know. We don't do NASA anymore.
PRICE, We are offerring this car for sale at $11,900. If you just want a pretty car to run mid pack, there are cheaper cars out there for you. This one was built to win. We can show you documentation of over $30,000 invested in this car. Send an email to Richard at RuckRacing dot com with no spaces. We will try to answer your questions without giving away specific competitive advantages of the car. The Integra is in our shop just north of Columbus Ohio. We can help get the car to you. Remember, in addition to a great car you get knowledge. We built the car, we raced the car, we developed the car, we even painted the car. We know every inch of it and will be glad to share all of this knowledge with the new owner including drawings, dyno graphs, tuning maps, and tons of race data from tracks all over the east and midwest.